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From triage to treatment, Medici provides HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end virtual care, unlike FaceTime, Zoom and Skype. Along with HD-video, take advantage of endless features created to reduce distraction and allow you to focus on what’s most important: being a doctor. 

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Scalability is priceless. Unlike Doxy and similar low-cost options, Medici is built on SOC 2 compliance standards, has seamless EHR integrations, and multi-patient management in a single solution making it easier to grow your practice without having to switch providers.

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Dr. William Ince, MD
“Now, more than ever, I need to be a comfort to my patients. A patient called my office in a panic insisting she come in and get tested for COVID-19. We used Medici’s video feature, and I was able to assure her that her enlarged erythematous tonsils and symptoms suggested strep throat.  In that moment, Medici was an immense value to both of us.
Dr. Carroll-Scott, MD
I personally like Medici’s asynchronous messaging because it fits into the daily flow of my life, and patients prefer it too. The Medici app has been a huge hit with all of my patients.
Dr. Aaron Smiley, DVM
I use Medici every day and have been able to provide better customer service because Medici allows my clients to directly connect with me for a fee. I was worried clients would be resistant to paying for telemedicine, but most have considered it a small price to pay for direct access to their veterinarian.
Lindsey Berry, NP
Medici has thought of everything and it’s more user-friendly than any EHR I have used. They offer the ePrescribe, eReferrals, and billing and coding all in one place!
Darren Allison, CEO, Branson Clinic
The best things about Medici are that it is easy to setup and it works. We purchased it Wednesday and were using it with our patients on Friday. It also gives us the freedom to bill the patient or insurance.
Dr. Su Zan Carpenter, MD
Medici is sustaining my practice and helping keep my office safe while caring for patients during COVID19. It was easy to install, set up and implement. The support staff is helpful and attentive. It is affordable for someone in solo practice and I didn't need to buy any other new technology. Medici let me move from the realization that I was going to need to be practicing telehealth to actually doing it in half a week.
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A primary care physician in Texas switched his telemedicine to Medici after struggling to use other platforms with his older patients. “A 60-year-old male patient recently presented with strep throat, and I prescribed him amoxicillin with clavatol despite knowing about his history of antibiotic resistance.” They agreed to follow up remotely over the next few days to ensure his symptoms were improving and not resisting the antibiotic.

The physician was able to securely message him through Medici daily to confirm his improvement, all without the patient having to download anything. At the end of the week the doctor sent him a secure link to video chat on Medici, and with one click they were on a video call.

“My patients love how easy it is to stay connected with me, and never need to bother with downloading or registering for apps. I love how rich the platform is for me without the complexity, and how I don't need to educate my patients on how to use anything - they simply text and video chat with me as they do their family or friends without ever knowing they are doing so on a HIPAA-compliant virtual care platform.”


A small-practice dermatologist from Colorado started using Medici 6 months ago. Her first patient experience on the app was a twenty-two-year-old female suffering from persistent cystic acne.

Without even setting up an appointment, the patient was able to send detailed messages and images about the skin irritation she was experiencing. “Within minutes, I was able to determine it to be a side effect of her new medication."

Not only was the conversation completely HIPAA-compliant, but the patient was able to get help much more quickly than a standard visit. "I was even able to send an updated prescription with new dosage details to the pharmacy and schedule a follow up with her before our consultation ended."

"The entire interaction took less time than an in-office appointment and I have a happier patient that didn’t have to go out of her way to get the information she needed from me. Medici has been a win-win for us."


On a street just north of Indianapolis, there’s an OBGYN practice tucked between a donut shop and a barber. The doctor has been there for 15 years, but says the last year has been the most exciting. As someone who’s been practicing a long time, she says the ability to monitor high risk patients at home is "game changing.”

"I had a 30-something-year-old patient, 28 weeks pregnant, recently diagnose with gestational diabetes.” The doctor's team scheduled bi-weekly text check-ins to review her blood glucose levels throughout her pregnancy, and when it sounded like she was in need of some additional reassurance, they would schedule a video visit. All of their communication was on Medici, and yet the patient never had to download or register for the app.

"Our purpose is to care for mother and child. The more monitoring we are able to do, the more comfortable and safe our patients are. The level of care we've been able to deliver as well as our patient engagement have both increased with our use of Medici."


A rural pediatric practice in New Mexico that has been using Medici for years says their relationships with patients have never been better.

“A first-time dad recently texted our practice via Medici in a panic when his 1-year-old son ate some dog food.” Their triage team sent him a secure link to video chat with the PA who was able to see the father and child immediately to answer questions and calm them down.

“While unpleasant, there was no health danger for the child. But our team's ability to communicate with the father remotely deepened our practice-patient relationship and made it that much easier for the father to trust us to be there for his son’s care. Not to mention keep a non-issue out of our office and the office space available for higher-acuity patients.”


For a lot of people, living in a rural area means less access to specialized care. A counselor for a 21-year-old female felt she needed to speak with someone that specialized in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but could not locate a specialist in the rural area where she lived.

“My colleague triaged me into a consultation he was having with a 21-year-old female patient on Medici (with her permission).” The specialist was able to share techniques with her to try at home and monitored her progress with text exchanges and the occasional video visit. “Being able to meet my patient where she was most comfortable and still provide the same level of care I do in-office was crucial to being able to help her.”

Not only was the patient referral and medical documentation transfer seamless on Medici, but the doctor has never been in the same room as his patient and is still able to deliver the quality of care his in-person patients receive.


A two-year old female Golden Retriever was suffering from what her owner described as a “pained” cough. The veterinarian had the owner upload a short video of the dog’s breathing on Medici so that she could count the respiratory rate.

After determining that her regular rate and rhythm were high, they scheduled an in-office appointment where an exam and tests revealed a moderate case of pneumonia. “After a few days in the hospital and some antibiotics, she went home happy and healthy and I was able to further monitor progress via text messaging with the owner.”

“My client never had to even download the Medici app. Was seamless for my client, and VCPR-compliant for me.”


One allergist in Indiana says his Medici network has been a huge addition to his practice. “A pediatrician in my Medici network referred a 6-year-old boy who was having occasional respiratory episodes. After triaging the patient on Medici, I decided to have him come into the office for a full evaluation.”

After diagnosing him with asthma, the allergist prescribed an inhaler to help minimize his reactions while awaiting allergy testing results.

Since bringing him on as a patient, the doctor has been able to monitor the patient’s progress remotely, trading text messages with his mother on the app and adjusting his prescription as needed. “And once a month we do a secure video call where I can see and hear my little guy, giving both him and his mother (and myself) some comfort and peace of mind.”

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