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Our Story

When his daughter Gabi suffered a stroke at birth, Clint Phillips, our founder, was made painfully aware of the difficulties in accessing a quality pediatric neurologist. This experience inspired his personal goal of providing easier access to quality specialty care. And the first step to quality specialty care is access to quality primary care. Medici was founded with that goal in mind. 



Our Mission

We exist to evolve the doctor:patient relationship through new methods of communication and care delivery.

We are doing this by enabling medical professionals to provide on-demand care wherever, whenever, and however they choose. Through elimination of unnecessary administrative processes and streamlining communication, Medici increases both productivity and profitability.

When it comes to your patients, Medici conveniently offers the ability to access all types of care providers in one place. No more travel, waiting rooms, and paperwork—just a better way to feel better.

Our Values

The world is constantly changing. While we work alongside to evolve the healthcare experience, our core values remain the same.

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Our Providers

Medici exists for our amazing healthcare providers that span multiple specialities across the US and throughout the world. From rural to urban areas, they selflessly serve patients from all walks of life and we are here to support and empower them in any way we can.

Medici has enabled psychiatrists to fully convert to virtual practice, has improved the work/life balance of family medicine doctors, and even helped increase patient satisfaction and outcomes while generating additional monthly revenue for veterinarians.

Whatever your speciality, and whatever your individual practice goals, Medici has you covered.

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Chiropractor and sports therapist turned entrepreneur, Clint Phillips, has been on a mission to provide easy access to quality care for decades. His therapies not only relieved numerous clients of pain and unnecessary surgery but also led to his patented IdealStretch device which has successfully increased flexibility worldwide.

His next venture, 2nd.MD, was inspired by personal struggles to access quality specialty care. The service, which allows for virtual second opinions from the world's most renowned medical specialists, is now a healthcare benefit for companies like Morgan Stanley, Starbucks, Chevron, Waste Management, and so many more.

Along with leaders from top companies across the globe, Clint is forever in pursuit of changing the face of healthcare as we know it.

Our leadership

Clinton Phillips

Clinton Phillips

Founder / CEO

Francois Jansen van Rensburg

Francois Jansen van Rensburg


Allen Darnell

Allen Darnell



Suzanne Lee

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Jason Whitson

Jason Whitson

VP Digital

Candace Davis

Candace Davis

Director of Client Success

Raleigh Schickel

Raleigh Schickel

Engineering Manager


Alex Long

Strategic Partnerships

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