Doctors are overloaded

“Physician burnout is costing the U.S. about $4.6 billion annually...”

-Christine Sinsky, MD
VP of Professional Satisfaction
American Medical Association


Doctors are bogged down. They are buried with regulatory requirements, administrative hurdles and downward pressure on their own costs to run their practices. This burden is increasingly taking time away from doctors’ ability to focus on what really matters: providing great care for patients. These pressures take away from doctors’ work-life balance, too. More than half of doctors say they regret going to medical school and wouldn’t do it over again if they had to.

Patients also face a growing burden, carrying more of their own healthcare costs and spending an average of 121 minutes on each medical office visit they have. Out of necessity, they want more convenience and alternatives to care that save them time and money.

We believe it’s time for a change

Purpose & Principles

The world is changing, and healthcare has to change with it. That's why we're driven by a singular purpose: to change the doctor-patient relationship. By doing this, we can achieve our goal of making a global, innovative technology that will transform and inspire the world of healthcare.

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Our leadership

Clinton Phillips

Clinton Phillips

Founder / CEO


Francois Jansen van Rensburg


Allen Darnell

Allen Darnell


Jennifer Crawford

Jennifer Crawford

General Counsel


Jason Whitson

VP Digital

Neil Kinsley

Neil Kinsley

VP South Africa

Chris Turner

Chris Turner

VP Sales

Anthony Palamara

Anthony Palamara

Director, Marketing


Candace Davis

Director of Client Success


Peter Haller

Director of Product Management


Raleigh Schickel

Engineering Manager


Eric Katz

Inside Sales Manager

Our investors

Medici has raised substantial venture funded capital in its early round funding from a dozen private investment organizations and individuals, most of whom are from non-healthcare companies interested in seeing healthcare evolve and innovate.