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DocbookMD is now Medici Connect and is better than ever (and still free for you). We listened to your most requested features and added them into our updated app.

A continued benefit of membership in your medical society is free access to Medici Connect (a $300 annual value). It has many of the features of DocbookMD plus updated features and functionality, including:

  • A directory of your medical society members
  • HIPAA-compliant messaging with your medical society colleagues, including group messaging
  • Secure voice, video, and text messaging with patients
  • eReferrals
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Medici Connect is packed with new features. And if you are interested in growing your revenue, upgrade to Medici Treat--all of the benefits of Medici Connect plus the ability to bill in-app, create custom networks, and more.

Medici Connect
Medici Treat

Unlimited Text-based Messages

View My Medical Society Directory

Message Your Medical Society Colleagues

Signed BAA (Business Associate Agreement)

Patient Messaging (Secure, Text-based)


Group Messaging

Video & Voice Consultations

Screen Share

One-Click video appointments


In-app Billing for Consultations

Custom Networks

$1M Malpractice Insurance

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I've used DocbookMD. How do I switch to Medici Connect?

If you have previously registered for DocbookMD, you will receive an email with a link to register. Since we have already verified your identity, you will click the link in the email.

  1. Click the link in the email you received.
  2. If you are on a mobile device, you will be asked to download the app (if you do not already have it) then complete registration. If you are not on a mobile device, you will register on web app.
  3. Create password.
  4. Agree to terms of use, click DONE, ready to use.
I want to start using Medici Connect, but have never used DocbookMD. How do I register for my free medical society account?
  1. Click here to begin. If you are on your phone, you will download and install the Medici app. If you are on a computer, you will complete registration on the web.
  2. Select “Create Account”. Click Next.
  3. Select “I treat people”. Click Next.
  4. Enter your mobile number. Next
  5. Enter your email address.  Next.
  6. Create a password. Next.
  7. On the next screens, you will enter your NPI number, first and last name, practice address, and specialty.
  8. Once you are in the app, you will receive a message to verify your identity. You will take a photo of your driver’s license, and then take a photo of yourself. NOTE: You can skip this step, but will need to complete it before communicating in Medici Connect.
  9. Agree to the terms of use and HIPAA privacy policy.
What is DocbookMD? What is Medici Connect?
DocbookMD offered a directory of your medical society colleagues and let you message them in a HIPAA compliant app. DocbookMD is now Medici Connect, which offers capabilities that were unavailable in DocbookMD such as group messaging and patient messaging.
How does this affect me?
Now, you have additional new features and a better user experience.  Through your medical society, you have free access to Medici Connect (a $300 annual value), which includes all of the new features listed above.
What can I do with Medici Connect?
    • View a directory of your medical society members
    • Stay HIPAA compliant in your communication
    • Message your medical society colleagues
    • Message your patients
    • eReferrals
    • And more!
What will happen to DocbookMD?

Support will be phased out this year and there will be no additional updates to the DocbookMD app. Access to DocbookMD will be suspended on November 16, 2020.

In order to continue messaging, you will need to switch to Medici Connect. This application will be the most up to date, a better experience for you, and will let us keep you the most secure.

Where is my medical society directory in Medici Connect?

Once you have registered for Medici Connect and verified your identity, you should have access to your medical society/association directory.

  • Click the "Contacts" tab
  • Select "Networks"
  • Your medical society directory should appear here.

If you are logged in and do not see your medical society directory, please contact us here.

How do I bill for telehealth consultations?
These features are available in our upgraded plans. To learn more, visit
Can I use Medici on my computer?
Yes! You can log onto the web version of Medici here.
I have more questions about Medici Connect. What do I do?
Contact us here and a team member will help you.
How can Medici support my patients and my practice amid coronavirus concerns?

You can keep unneeded (and possibly contagious) appointments out of the office and care for your patients remotely. While many organizations are already encouraging their staff to work from home, you can encourage patients to take care of their health the same way.

Cearn how Medici can support you during the coronavirus pandemic.

Healthcare is complex. Medici isn't.

Incorporating Medici into your practice is easy. with a low monthly subscription, Medici can boost your practice revenue.

Download today, or schedule a call with one of our telemedicine specialists.


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