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Medici App Features

The Medici app is feature-rich, offering doctors and patients unmatched capabilities, convenience and security. The Medici app can be downloaded in seconds and ready to use in only minutes. Never before has the doctor-patient relationship been so personal, streamlined and convenient.

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Key features of the secure Medici messaging app:

DEVICE-Features - Key Feature #1

Patient importing

In only minutes, doctors can import patients from their existing EHR system. Providers using “Featured EHRs” are able to directly import patients by logging into their EHR accounts in the Medici application. Providers using EHRs that are not featured will receive a secure patient upload link to be imported into the Medici app. Patient onboarding will occur in 1-3 days. Once onboarding is complete, a notification will be sent out by the Medici team to the provider.

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ePrescribe makes it easy for doctors to quickly prescribe medications during or immediately following a Medici app patient consultation. The physician first submits credentials into the Medici app and once verified, will be able to prescribe medication through a third party in the chat. Prescriptions will be sent to the patient’s specified pharmacy and a notification message indicating the prescription has been sent will appear in the doctor-patient chat. Up until the prescription has been sent to the pharmacy, the ePrescribe message will appear as “pending.”

DEVICE-Features - Key Feature #3

Billing for consults

The Medici app makes it easy for providers to review KPI and billing history on a monthly basis through a breakdown of “Payment Details” that contains net earnings and daily revenue details. Monthly net earnings are broken down through a “gross earnings” and “platform fees” calculation. A visual representation of daily revenue earned over the monthly period exists to better gauge usage success.

DEVICE-Features - Key Feature #4

Patient marketing

Providers who subscribe to the Medici app are able to communicate with all patients, even those who have yet to download the Medici app. Using the “Announce” feature on the Medici app, providers can send messages to the Inbox of their patients who use Medici. Non-Medici users will receive an SMS directly to their mobile phone. Providers only need to select “Compose”, the “Announce” feature, and type of patient before drafting and sending the message

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DEVICE2Features - Key Feature #5

Chat translate

The Medici app includes a translating feature that enables providers to communicate with patients in 20 different languages by selecting the translation language in Settings. Messages sent by the provider will appear in the Inbox in the original language but received by the patient in their own language once they tap the message to view it or through the auto-translate feature that automatically translates incoming messages.

DEVICE2-Features - Key Feature #6

Colleague connect

Providers can expand their network by connecting with colleagues on the Medici app. Providers can perform a simple search of a colleague’s last name and city. If the colleague is a Medici user, the provider can immediately request a connection. Once the colleague approves the request, they appear in the provider’s contact list. Providers can send non-Medici users an invite to join.

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