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The symptoms

Feeling a bit under the weather when it comes to practicing medicine? You’re not alone. Doctors in every field of medicine feel the pain. How medical care is delivered is changing and unless physicians begin to think broader, the diagnosis isn’t so optimistic. These common symptoms, however, can serve as a wake-up call to better outcomes.

Shrinking margins

Costs are going up and reimbursement is declining, forcing some doctors to join larger practices, go concierge, or change professions altogether. Medici allows providers to generate a new revenue stream for the care they already provide via text, phone or email. Easily set your rate for any consultation, and bill patients directly in-app.

Patient leakage

On-demand telemedicine networks are aggressively marketing to your patients, pulling away the routine visits that are the economic foundation of your practice. The ‘consumerization’ of healthcare has empowered patients to choose where they receive care based on convenience, cost and quality of care. Medici allows providers to retain patients by offering modern, convenient care. Set your availability in the app and respond on your mobile device anytime, anywhere, on your own terms.

Impersonal care

Practices are being squeezed from all sides - sometimes requiring them to fill their schedules well beyond capacity. This means crowded waiting rooms, long delays and less time with patients. Ultimately, doctors and patients want the same thing: time. With traditional office visits, practices are forced to rush patients through the diagnosis process as they rehash their medical history and duplicate forms. This can stress patients out and inhibit any chance of developing a meaningful doctor-patient relationship.

Limited access

Patients face tremendous barriers to seeing a provider even to ask basic medical questions. Time off work, traffic, and long wait times are just a few obstacles that stand between them and the care they need. Spend less time, and overhead, on administrative tasks and more time treating your patients. With Medici you can relieve the burden on your office of inefficient waiting times for issues that don't require in-person care, and utilize the same tools your patients use every day: secure text messaging, voice and video calls.

Poor adherence to treatment plans

Limited access to care can lead to poor adherence to treatment plans. Frequent touch points are proven to increase adherence, especially for patients with chronic conditions. Medici allows providers to make themselves available between in-person visits. These quick check-ins can be monetized so your patient sees better health outcomes, and you see increased revenue.

Security and compliance issues

Patients will find ways to message your practice, via email, text or phone. Often, this exchange of information is less than secure, putting your practice at risk of privacy breaches. Control the flow of sensitive information via Medici’s secure messaging app. Our HIPAA compliant solution ensures peace of mind when interacting with your patients in a virtual world.

Medici Can Help

A modern solution for your practice

Supplement your practice with secure texting, calls and video conferences with patients—and get paid to do it. For only dollars a day, you can improve the quality of patient care and your quality of life. With Medici, you give your patients what they really want (and nothing they don’t) while ensuring your practice’s vital signs remain strong, even when you’re not in the office.

Only Medici offers you the ability to consult with patients without having to be present at the same time. Text and respond when you’re available and have their integrated medical history in front of you to save both of you time. Need to actually see a patient? Medici enables live video and instant photo uploads. Ready to prescribe a medication or refer a patient to a specialist? Do it straight from the app. With Medici, your practice is literally in your hands.

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