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Say Hello To Modern Medicine

Attn: Humana Military providers. Are you tired of unreliable technology, unsecure connections, and unforgiving workflows? We are too. Medici is more than a simple telemedicine tool. It’s a complete virtual care solution that enables Humana Military providers to practice wherever, whenever, and however they want.

Telemedicine isn’t temporary. Your solution for it shouldn’t be either. Medici is the most secure, reliable and easy to use solution for improving continuity of care both patients and providers are demanding from a virtual care platform.

Get started with Medici in less than a day, and see how from triage to treatment, Medici makes it easier to be a doctor.

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Medici is a telemedicine platform available to Humana Military providers. Providers receive 65% off list price, or just $49/month.

How Does The Competition Fail You Today?



Facetime, Zoom or Skype may be good at general video conferencing, but they do not provide HIPAA-compliant virtual care, workflow management or any of the necessary treatment procedures you require.



Platforms such as Doxy may be low cost, but they are not built on SOC 2 compliance standards, will not allow you to integrate with your Electronic Health Record seamlessly, or allow you to manage multiple patient consults at the same time.



Call center solutions such as Doctor on Demand and Teladoc force patients (and the providers who deliver care) to participate in an assembly-line model of urgent care, fragmenting the doctor-patient relationship.

The Medici Difference

  • Peace of Mind
  • Ease of Workflow
  • Continuity of Care
  • Tools for Success
  • Seamless Setup

Peace of Mind

Communicate with patients via secure text, voice or video on a HIPAA-compliant platform, without sharing your personal number. We’ve also got you covered with a signed Business Associate Agreement and $1 million dollars in malpractice protection on top of your existing insurance.

Ease of Workflow

Invite patients directly from your EHR, customize your availability, organize consults, and manage multiple cases from your phone or computer. Worry less about administrative processes and focus more on patient care.

Continuity of Care

Share files, prescribe medication, and even make referrals all within one easy-to-use platform. From triage to treatment, every feature of Medici exists to provide an end-to-end experience.

Tools for Success

Stay connected to your patients with proprietary features, like Announce, which allows you to broadcast messages to multiple patients at once. Keep track of your success with customizable in-app billing features and our Revenue Dashboard.

Seamless Setup

Have your account created and ready to see TRICARE® recipients within one business day. 

Ready to get started?


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Special pricing for Humana Military providers. Only $49/month (or 65% off current pricing).

What Your Peers Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what your peers have to say—

Dr. Carroll-Scott, MD

“I personally like Medici’s asynchronous messaging because it fits into the daily flow of my life, and patients prefer it too. The Medici app has been a huge hit with all of my patients.”

Dr. William Ince, MD

“Now, more than ever, I need to be a comfort to my patients. We used Medici’s video feature recently, and I was able to assure my patient her symptoms suggested strep throat, not COVID-19. In that moment, Medici was an immense value to both of us.”

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FAQs about telemedicine

Is telemedicine HIPAA-compliant?
Not only is telemedicine software safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant, it’s required to be! The same requirements for patient privacy and confidentiality that apply for in-person visits apply to visits conducted virtually. The provider has the identical responsibility to protect patient information. The storage of electronic files, video, and images needs to be approached with the same caution as one would take with physical documents.
How do I begin using telemedicine?
You can begin telemedicine for therapy without purchasing any new hardware. Services like Medici allow providers and patients to connect virtually through the app for smartphones and web.
Will my patients feel they’re receiving the same quality of care via telemedicine as they do in-person?
Often, patients delay or put off treatment due to the inconvenience of travel, time off work, child care and more. Telemedicine allows you to provide the same quality care as you normally would to patients and they will be happier for the added convenience.
How do I prescribe medications?
After entering your credentials, Medici allows you to securely prescribe medications during or immediately following a patient consultation to your patient’s preferred pharmacy.

Exceptional telemedicine software for healthcare providers

Our handy buyer's guide for telemedicine solutions


Fully HIPAA compliant

All telemedicine software must be secure and HIPAA-compliant, because sensitive patient information is being exchanged. Software like Skype and FaceTime, for example, are not HIPAA-compliant and should never be used for patient encounters.


Appointment records

Simply for record keeping and on the off-chance you are audited, select telemedicine software that provides a thread of every interaction (including secure messages sent between provider and patient). This audit trail, combined with any thorough clinical documentation that can be exported to your EHR, is a telemedicine best practice.


Seamless EHR integration

Any telemedicine software should fit seamlessly into your existing practice workflow. The best way to ensure this is to select a product that integrates directly with your electronic health record system with the ability to import your existing patient list.


Legal and malpractice support

Telemedicine is heavily regulated. And these regulations vary state by state and are changing rapidly. In order to adhere to these laws and industry best practices, it’s important to find a telemedicine platform that offers comprehensive legal and regulatory support, and even malpractice insurance.

See how telemedicine is transforming care for Humana Military providers.

Join Humana Military and the thousands of physicians on the leading edge using telemedicine.