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    Medici is transforming the doctor-patient relationship for the better. We want to expand our features, capabilities and reach because we believe everyone deserves better medical care. If you’re interested in integrating your technology with Medici, embedding our technology into your product, or want to resell Medici to your own customer base, we want to speak with you.

    • Brokers/Consultants
    • Employers
    • Government and Education
    • Hospitals and Health Systems
    • Medical Associations
    • EMR / PM


    Employers recognize the benefits of offering telehealth in order to reduce healthcare costs, save time, and improve access to quality care. Ensure your clients get all this and more with Medici. Our virtual care platform provides a nationwide network of doctors and specialists to deliver a seamless experience that will meet any employer’s needs. We also provide sales presentations and marketing assets so you can start offering these benefits to your clients right away.


    Your employees deserve quality healthcare, but with skyrocketing costs, it’s becoming harder and harder to provide. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Medici gives your employees access to high-quality, high-value healthcare, when and where they need it—all at a low cost.

    Government and Education

    With medical costs skyrocketing, an aging population, and a shortage of doctors, it’s becoming harder than ever to shoulder the cost of healthcare. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Medici’s virtual care platform blends cutting-edge technology with best-in-class care to create a frictionless experience that reduces overall cost and improves productivity. Best of all, we can work directly with you to enhance the health and wellness initiatives you already offer. 

    Hospitals and Health Systems

    High costs, patient satisfaction, and physician burnout are growing problems in hospitals and health systems today. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Medici’s virtual care platform optimizes resource allocation, lowers treatment costs, and reduces physician burnout. Beyond that, your providers can communicate with each other regarding treatment plans, ensuring continuity of care. Providers and care teams can then conduct follow-up visits once discharged to track recovery and reduce the frequency of re-admissions.

    Medical Associations

    Enhancing provider practices through educational opportunities and legislative changes isn’t always enough. Sometimes, it requires new technologies to tackle the biggest challenges in healthcare. That’s why Medici offers our medical association partners a flexible, easy-to-implement health care solution without the additional cost or time burdens associated with setting up and managing a program. Our virtual care platform provides physicians with the tools to not only lower treatment costs, but also promote continuity of care.

    EMR / PM

    Avoiding disruption is key to keeping practices operating efficiently and effectively. By partnering with Medici, you can streamline communication and create the best user experience for providers and patients. Best of all, you can add additional features to practices without requiring them to change any of the systems they’re already using.

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