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Medici is transforming the doctor-patient relationship for the better. We want to expand our features, capabilities and reach because we believe everyone deserves better medical care. If you’re interested in integrating your technology with Medici, embedding our technology into your product, or want to resell Medici to your own customer base, we want to speak with you.

Healthcare partners

Payers, ACOs, employers and other partners working to improve the quality and convenience of care can benefit from Medici’s network of world class physicians and easy to use mobile platform.

At Medici, we are all about innovating and helping others change how healthcare is delivered. Create custom networks to provide personalized care for your employees; reduce administrative overhead by streamlining communications between multiple parties using group chats; and delight your employees with convenient, high quality medical care.

Medical associations

Medici enables streamlined communication for all types of interactions across the continuum of care. We partner with medical associations to simplify communication for their members.

Connect with other members using colleague chat; refer a patient to a colleague within your association using e-refer; group chat with any combination of patients and providers to reduce administrative overhead; and deliver high quality care faster and more efficiently.

Managed service providers

Our secure messaging platform is more than another texting channel. It’s a powerful system of communication and record-keeping that helps doctors run a more profitable practice and be more responsive to patients who want greater access to their doctors without all the hassles.

We’ll work with you to deliver a best-in-class system that brings measurable value to your customers.


Ready to enhance your healthcare offering so it’s more streamlined, secure, profitable and convenient? Ready to give patients greater access to their doctors with more convenience? Medici is the future of healthcare and it’s available right now.

We would love the opportunity to partner with you so you can offer patients and doctors a better way to manage care. In only minutes, your organization can bring doctors and patients together in a transformative way that benefits both.

Poor adherence to treatment plans

Limited access to care can lead to poor adherence to treatment plans. Frequent touch points are proven to increase adherence, especially for patients with chronic conditions. Medici allows providers to make themselves available between in-person visits. These quick check-ins can be monetized so your patient sees better health outcomes, and you see increased revenue.

Security and compliance issues

Patients will find ways to message your practice, via email, text or phone. Often, this exchange of information is less than secure, putting your practice at risk of privacy breaches. Control the flow of sensitive information via Medici’s secure messaging app. Our HIPAA compliant solution ensures peace of mind when interacting with your patients in a virtual world.

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