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Affordable healthcare without surprises

See a doctor's consult rate before treatment, and decide if it’s right for you. No insurance required, and no unexpected or large bills. Just quality and convenient healthcare without having to leave your home.

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All your doctors, a text away

Easily connect and communicate with all of your doctors and specialists—even your veterinarian—directly on your mobile phone. Text, voice or video call. Anytime. From anywhere.

All kinds of people.
All kinds of care

“This app saved my weekend. I would have waited for at least two hours in the standby line at the vet's office. But after finding two red moles on my dog's chest I sent two pictures to a vet on Medici and got an answer that it was nothing within 15 minutes. And I never had to leave my house!"


“Our family doctor diagnosed my son while we were on vacation with just a few pictures I uploaded on the app. We would have spent hours and a lot more than $25 in an emergency room without this app.”


"This app translates my doctor's messages into Spanish for me. That's crazy! I feel so much better knowing I don't have to worry about my English. It has never been this easy talking to a doctor. Increíble!"


“I'm never spending time in a waiting room again. I work long hours and it has always been difficult getting an appointment that was convenient for me. This app has removed the need for a waiting room. And the crazy part is it is actually cheaper than my copay."


“My wife and I used Medici throughout our pregnancy and it saved us 5 trips to the office and hours of worrying. The peace of mind to know your doc, not a grumpy office lady, will answer you directly made our pregnancy so much better.”


"I can't believe I was able to get my birth control changed and the prescription sent to my pharmacy without having to make a trip to my doctor's office. It was a five minute conversation with my doctor on the app. It has never been that easy for me."


“Staying connected to my therapist has never been easier. I've moved 6 times in 5 years, and finding a new therapist every time is awful. This app let me keep my therapist after I moved again. She now sees me on the app. And I can sit on my own couch for our sessions!"


“In less than ten minutes a dermatologist looked at pictures of my skin tags I sent her on the app and told me one of them looked concerning. I had been putting it off for months because I just didn't have the time. But I had my consultation after breakfast at my kitchen table. How much easier could it get?”


“I know how much every doctor I find on Medici will cost for every consultation BEFORE we have it. Why can't all doctors' offices tell you how much something will cost BEFORE you are seen? I absolutely love the control I have with this app."


It’s time to rethink your healthcare with Medici

Medici empowers you with the convenience and accessibility you need to better manage your health, and the health of your family–not to mention great features.


No insurance required

And most of the time, consults are less expensive than the average insurance copay.


Get ePrescriptions

No more making an appointment to get a refill or simple prescription. Save time and get a Rx in a few minutes.


Get eReferrals & lab results

Why take time out of your day just to get a referral or lab result? Your doctor can easily send you both directly within the Medici app.


Language translation

Conduct your consult in your language. Medici can auto-translate your text conversations with all your doctors into over 25 languages.

Medici For Patients


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