A better way to practice

Your quality of care shouldn't depend on you being in the office. With Medici, you can treat many types of patients and conditions from anywhere in the world.

Set your availability in the app and respond to your patients when it’s convenient for you. Select ‘offline’ when you don’t want to be disturbed. Your patient won’t be charged until you choose to bill them.

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Take back your patients

Employees and insurers are offering telemedicine with other doctors to your patients that interferes with and fragments your care. Use Medici to retain and regain lost patients who are looking for easier access to you. Need to remember a diagnosis you gave one of your patients? All consults with your patients are securely stored in the app for you to reference whenever you want.

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Reply when it’s convenient

Asynchronous online interactions allow us the time to absorb critical information and research the best treatment plan for our patients. Use Medici to not only set the hours you are available to patients, but to scale your treatment plans beyond the limitations of the traditional in-office ten minute conversation. Billing is as easy as the click of a button. Patients pay directly through the app and funds will be transferred to your bank account.

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Features & Advantages



  • Secure text, call, and video
  • Easy file sharing
  • PoPI and SAVA-compliant


  • Set your own rates
  • Revenue dashboards
  • Bill patients instantly in the app


  • Import patients
  • Set availability
  • View and export consult history


  • eReferrals
  • Connect with colleagues
  • Private, in-chat collaboration

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Medici for every practice

  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrician
  • Behavioral
  • Veterinarian
  • Surgeon
  • Chiro / PT
  • Nurse
  • Dentist

Family Medicine

Continuity of care is a proven factor in increased patient outcomes and satisfaction. At its core, Medici gives patients access to their own personal doctor with the quick tap of a button. Instead of delaying care, with Medici you can consult with your patients anywhere, anytime, when they need you most.

  • Give your patients access to their own doctor they know and trust, and who has a learned understanding of their personal health history.
  • Maximize your patient flow, optimizing your in-office hours for those who require physical interaction and using Medici for those consults that are more efficiently managed outside of your office.
  • Have overall happier patients who know they won't have to use urgent care, the ER or a next-in-rotation provider on another urgent care app—because they have you.
“Medici provides an efficient platform for doctors to communicate among each other but also gives a physician the ability to reach their patients for better care after hours while also receiving a reimbursement if desired.”

Dr. William Ince, MD


Medici drastically reduces the after-hours urgent care and ER use for non-emergencies by improving access to care. Offer parents peace of mind that you are available to them and their children even outside of traditional office hours.

  • Educate patients about their health outside of your brick and mortar practice.
  • Utilize telemedicine to improve the health literacy of your patients.
  • Provide convenience without sacrificing quality of care.
“I personally like asynchronous messaging because it fits into the daily flow of my life, and patients prefer it too. The Medici app has been a huge hit with all of my patients.”

Dr. Carroll-Scott, MD


The fundamental value of telehealth care is offering patients the right provider with the right information at the right time. Be available to your patients when they need you most.

  • Reduce no-show rates and create revenue while increasing patient compliance.
  • Leverage the power of Medici's mobile platform to delivery efficiency while reducing costs.
  • Deliver true value-based care.
Thomas Kim
“I discovered a better way to care for incarcerated juveniles 15 years ago through telehealth/telemedicine. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to apply my experience and skill to a variety of populations in a variety of environments.  And as I look towards the next 15 years, my optimism swells at what the field might look like.”

Dr. Thomas Kim, MD


Medici allows you to expand your veterinary practice by making it easier for you to connect directly with your clients. Provide the personalized customer service offering your clients already want, and delight them with a platform that gives them what they need.

  • Demonstrated increases in positive client feedback from the ease of access pet owners have to their veterinarians.
  • Delight clients by making your practice accessible for everything from general questions to a diagnosis of a new problem, from the convenience of their own homes and offices.
  • Be compensated for your professional services you are currently giving away for free.
Aaron Smiley
“I use Medici every day and have been able to provide better customer service because Medici allows my clients to directly connect with me for a fee. I was worried clients would be resistant to paying for telemedicine, but most have considered it a small price to pay for direct access to their veterinarian.”

Dr. Aaron Smiley, DVM


Telemedicine interventions on Medici are able to limit unnecessary trips to the hospital, save time, and reduce the number of work days patients have to miss for medical reasons, benefiting both patient and provider.

  • Add value to your patients recovery by using Medici for preoperative assessment and diagnosis, and for evaluation and follow-up post-surgery visits.
  • Improve medication adherence, lower systolic blood pressure, and enable faster adjustments to medications with Medici visits.
  • Capitalize on Medici's advantages over traditional surgical care in the limiting of travel burdens on patients that can reduce medical complications related to surgery.

Chiro / PT

Medici augments rather than replaces in-person treatment in the musculoskeletal world where treatment is often hands-on.  Medici enables convenient follow-up treatment, home treatment plans, questions and answers and consultations.

  • Diagnose and treat patients earlier, improving outcomes and often with lower treatment costs.
  • Encourage patients to seek treatment earlier than they would with in-office visits.
  • Open up opportunities for continued care/post-care, promoting successful completion of treatment plans.
  • Fit more appointments into your schedule, and give patients instant feedback without time-consuming office visits.
Eric Naifeh
“I have used multiple Telemedicine platforms and Medici has been the easiest by far for both myself and the patient.”

Eric Naifeh, DC, NP


Medici is easy and convenient for both you and your patients to use. The app seamlessly integrates into your daily workflow, and allows you to provide care to your patients without having to travel or delay appointments due to scheduling conflicts.

  • Reach patients in isolated communities where they may otherwise not be able to get medical help.
  • Promote prevention and wellness comfortably and privately, providing education to your patients on modifiable risk factors and disease prevention.
  • Allow for greater time with patients, more flexibility for scheduling, and more patients to be seen.
Lindsey Berry
“Medici has thought of everything and it’s more user-friendly than any EHR I have used. They offer the ePrescribe, eReferrals, and billing and coding all in one place!”

Lindsey Berry, NP


Following up with patients has become an important part of the modern workflow for dentists. Additionally, answering simple questions from patients shouldn't require an office visit that takes up time and chair space from the patients who really need it.

Dentists are using Medici to:

  • Send follow-up messages to patients after appointments.
  • Check in on patients with on-going issues.
  • Answer simple questions that do not require an office visit.

Boost revenue, not paperwork

With the Medici app, you get paid for communicating with patients outside of the office, even for quick check-ins. Now, you can earn revenue between office visits, at home or even while traveling. Set your own rates for consultations and instantly bill for your time.

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What providers are saying about Medici

Hear healthcare professionals share how Medici has made an impact on their practice and in the lives of their patients.

Healthcare is complex. Medici isn't.

Can I really make money with Medici?
Most providers make $40-$50 per consult. Our top performing providers make well over $1,000 a month!
How does insurance reimbursement work?
You don't have to deal with reimbursement at all! Patients pay at the end of a consult, and can file a claim with their payer if they choose to do so.
How does Medici protect my data?
We encrypt all data with bank-grade encryption. We will never share your data with third parties.
How does Medici help with marketing?
We ship a box of marketing materials right to your door for all new subscribers. We even take care of inviting your patients to connect!
How easy is Medici to use?
You’ll be amazed at how easily you can incorporate Medici into your practice. If you’ve ever sent a text message before, you’ll feel right at home.

Get paid for texting with your patients

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